Spooky Action Superfly 2

Spooky Action Superfly 2


Spooky Action Superfly 2 is a powerful and versatile tethered RPA system designed for data-intensive missions. Equipped with a high-performance Secure Fibre Optical cable link, this system enables unique data collection applications, making it stand out among its peers. With power output options of 4000w or 8100w and an impressive 10Gb data transfer speed, the Superfly 2 is ready to tackle demanding tasks at altitudes of up to 100 metres. With an opportunity to work closely with the Spooky Action development team this tether system can be adapted to fit any drone you can throw at it.


▪ 4000w / 81000w output options

▪ 10 Gigabit secure data transfer throughput

▪ Operating temperature -5F to 115F

In the Box

1 x Superfly 2 Unit
1 x 100 m Tether
1 x Drone Installation Kit


Weight: 14.5 kg
Dimensions: 63 x 60 x 33 cm
Power Consumption: 120 / 240 AC
Max Height: 100 m